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Another brick in the SENĆOŦEN ‘shithouse’

There’s a word in SENĆOŦEN (Saanich) Salish of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, that seems as if it ought to be inspired by Chinuk Wawa…

Tobias takes shit (pardon my Chinook)

This is my current #2 favorite Jargon word. I’ve gotten to the book of Tobit/Tobias in the shorthand Bishop Durieu’s Old Testament History, serialized in our favourite 1890s newspaper, Kamloops Wawa.  There is a word… Continue reading

Shit’s Chinook, chittim ain’t

I keep noticing odd-smelling claims around the Internet that “chittim” is a word from Chinook Jargon.  I haven’t found proof.  I think it ain’t. Chittim (or chittem or chittam) is said to be… Continue reading

Kamloops Wawa humour (part 3: White people’s weird horses)

I expect Native folks had already heard these called “bicycles” in English…

1792: Galiano’s expedition, and a controlled experiment in pidgin formation

There’s an admirable awareness of Indigenous people’s languages in this early contact account…

1803-1806: The Jewitt narrative

One keen observer of Nuuchahnulth life was John Rodgers Jewitt (1783-1821), the most “Boston man” of “Boston men” to ever visit the PNW coast.

The extremely compelling “Nootka Jargon” word list from Jewitt 1815

In a very early (1815) edition of his memoir of Vancouver Island captivity (1803-1805), John Rodgers Jewitt added a nice one-page vocabulary of Nuuchahnulth…

1792: Moziño, “Noticias de Nutka”, the first clear “Nootka” pidgin (part 2 of 2)

[Continuing from Part 1, yesterday.] Mociño goes on with his description of the local language; on page 53 he notes, …I observed that with some small variations they [verbs] could be turned into… Continue reading

1853: George B. McClellan’s PNW railroad survey diary

Previously, on…

Native people’s voices in “Kamloops Wawa” (Part 1 )

An argument between an Indigenous man and a priest in British Columbia…