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Tobias takes shit (pardon my Chinook)

This is my current #2 favorite Jargon word. I’ve gotten to the book of Tobit/Tobias in the shorthand Bishop Durieu’s Old Testament History, serialized in our favourite 1890s newspaper, Kamloops Wawa.  There is a word… Continue reading

Shit’s Chinook, chittim ain’t

I keep noticing odd-smelling claims around the Internet that “chittim” is a word from Chinook Jargon.  I haven’t found proof.  I think it ain’t. Chittim (or chittem or chittam) is said to be… Continue reading

1836-38: Herbert Beaver as an observer of Fort Vancouver

  The aptly named Reverend Beaver (1800-1858) should’ve been the perfect Anglican preacher for the fur-trading Hudsons Bay Company…

Is Chinuk Wawa’s “dago” Spanish, or Salish?

There’s a fairly rare word of Chinook Jargon that’s pretty much known only from James G. Swan’s mid-1850s stay on Shoalwater Bay, Washington.

Cryptic “cumtux” in a real rough Arizona newspaper

Your guess is as good as mine about this funny slug of out-of-place Chinook…

Quileute’s Chinuk Wawa (and other) traces

I’ve gradually been looking through linguistic documentation of Indigenous languages that have borrowed Chinook Jargon words, and today I come to Quileute…

Qʷi·qʷi·diččaqa: The Jargon in Makah

Here is another Indigenous language of the northern coastal regions that preserves quite a bit of good Chinuk Wawa…

Shooting affair at Dog Creek

For a short news article, there’s plenty to chew on here.

1904: Wreck of the Clallam (Part 2 of 3)

It gets worse…

Nicola 1904: Sad Accident (Part 4)

It gives away no new thoughts of mine when I say the Christian warning in this concluding segment of our mini-series comes across different in Chinook Jargon than in English…