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Another brick in the SENĆOŦEN ‘shithouse’

There’s a word in SENĆOŦEN (Saanich) Salish of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, that seems as if it ought to be inspired by Chinuk Wawa…

Tobias takes shit (pardon my Chinook)

This is my current #2 favorite Jargon word. I’ve gotten to the book of Tobit/Tobias in the shorthand Bishop Durieu’s Old Testament History, serialized in our favourite 1890s newspaper, Kamloops Wawa.  There is a word… Continue reading

Shit’s Chinook, chittim ain’t

I keep noticing odd-smelling claims around the Internet that “chittim” is a word from Chinook Jargon.  I haven’t found proof.  I think it ain’t. Chittim (or chittem or chittam) is said to be… Continue reading

Talking BS: p’áƛ̓aƛ̓ and “cultus”

In the 1994 Lushootseed Salish dictionary by Bates, Hess, & Hilbert, there’s a root p’áƛ’- (bound) ‘of no importance’

More about General Pickett & a Jargon “Lord’s Prayer”

“Pickett and His Men” is a popular biography by [Mrs.] Lasalle Corbell Pickett (2nd edition; Atlanta, GA: The Foote & Davies Company) of her husband, Confederate States of America General George — one… Continue reading

1836-38: Herbert Beaver as an observer of Fort Vancouver

  The aptly named Reverend Beaver (1800-1858) should’ve been the perfect Anglican preacher for the fur-trading Hudsons Bay Company…

Is Chinuk Wawa’s “dago” Spanish, or Salish?

There’s a fairly rare word of Chinook Jargon that’s pretty much known only from James G. Swan’s mid-1850s stay on Shoalwater Bay, Washington.

Cryptic “cumtux” in a real rough Arizona newspaper

Your guess is as good as mine about this funny slug of out-of-place Chinook…

Quileute’s Chinuk Wawa (and other) traces

I’ve gradually been looking through linguistic documentation of Indigenous languages that have borrowed Chinook Jargon words, and today I come to Quileute…

Qʷi·qʷi·diččaqa: The Jargon in Makah

Here is another Indigenous language of the northern coastal regions that preserves quite a bit of good Chinuk Wawa…