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And more Civil War Chinook Jargon by Phil Sheridan

A postscript to my previous article on General Phil Sheridan, one of the Civil War’s Chinuk Wawa “code talkers”. A smoking gun, found in the book “A Catalogue of the Collection of Autographs… Continue reading

Memoirs of Philip Henry Sheridan (buried lede: wood rats know Chinook)

General Sheridan, that is.  He of US Civil War fame. We have already encountered him (in “Talk Strange Language“) as one of what we could call the Civil War Chinuk Wawa “code talkers”.… Continue reading

It’s not just for wood rats anymore: Thunderbird speaks Chinuk Wawa

In a previous installment, we learned from Civil War general Phil Sheridan that wood rats know Chinook Jargon. (Image credit: Story of the Chinook) Today, a supernatural being in Alaska joins the conversation.… Continue reading

Catah mika wake iscum Gabrel yaka mamook pish cope George Jonson house

This pleasant antique piano is here to offset the unpleasant elements in the story that follows. “When Sheridan Was in Oregon” by Turner F[enner] Le(a)vens (Washington Historical Quarterly, July 1925 / 16(3):163-185). Levens/Leavens… Continue reading

Rodney Glisan & Army buddies mystify New Yorkers

Portlanders will recognize the name of Glisan. Military surgeon Rodney Glisan (1827-1890) published his “Journal of Army Life” as a book in 1874, with a good deal of discussion of his six years in the Oregon Indian… Continue reading

Talk strange language

The Jargon was being reminisced about already in 1904! The Morning Oregonian (Portland, Or.), Thursday, June 21, 1904, page 12, columns 3-4 has this report of a typical pioneers’ get-together of the time, at… Continue reading