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1864: Siwash Affair de Fisticuffs in Seattle Illahee, with discoveries!

Pretty early in the frontier settlement period for Washington state, “our native reporter” contributes an awesome article about a Seattle fistfight.

1923: Yet another version of the “Seattle Illahee” song

Not so many locals understood Chinuk Wawa in 1923, so there’s another reason why the newspaper editor left this one untranslated.

1915: And still another appearance of the “Seattle Illahee” folk song

Reader Darrin Brager sent over this clipping that brings us a newly discovered appearance of the “Seattle Illahee” song…

“Seattle Illahee” sheet music

The infamous bawdy Pacific Northwest folk song…

Another version of the “Seattle Illahee” song!

Thanks to indefatigable anthropologist Jay Powell, a famous Pacific Northwest folk song that uses Chinook Jargon shows up in another version…

Real info about the infamous Seattle Illahee / Illeah / Mad House / Sawdust Pile

From more than one source, I’d like to present you with some Chinook Jargon-related dirt on the notorious Seattle house of prostitution, the “Illahee“, famed in song and story.

1892, Seattle: The Pocahontas-John Smith tableau, in Jargon

This is far from the first time the name “Pocahontas” has made its appearance on my website…

1954 Seattle refrigerating engineer’s speech in Chinuk Wawa

Of all the odd places to find a Chinuk Wawa text!

Nika illahee, nika illahee!

Here’s an Oregon Country frontier-fiction piece from post-frontier Seattle, a time and place that allowed an author to use extensive Chinook Jargon. I like that. I also like how the character Muriel at… Continue reading

Pig-Tail Days in Old Seattle, cont’d

See my previous post for the bibliographic info on this one.  Picking up where I left off: – page 57, about Spring Street: “The first families had to lolo chuck (carry water) from… Continue reading