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How to say ‘a plant’s roots’ in CW

The question has been much dug at, many a time…

[CAUS-X]+N = N compounds have stayed fresh

Huh? Is this language or is it math!?

For GRINs: Making sensible choices

Sometimes you have to figure out which thing you know about Chinuk Wawa is relevant at the moment…

From the “I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Said This Out Loud” Dept.

I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Said This Out Loud…

“Chapelure”? (Merci à MLT)

Thanks to my reader Marie-Lucie Tarpent for a comment that inspired this article.

Discovered: GAMINE is the etymology of lakamín ‘stew; gravy’

Among the delights of my years of Chinuk Wawa research is to just read and read … because there’s so much old data that’s never previously been analyzed.

1853: Source of the idea that saplél is French

A myth is both busted and partly confirmed today. 

Hul’qumi’num’s Jargon traces

A language that carries a serious inheritance from Chinuk Wawa is Hul’qumi’num Salish (a.k.a. Cowichan, Island Halkomelem, et al.) of southeast Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Alaskan Haida’s BC / Aboriginal Jargon traces

Alaskan Haida retains quite a few indications of contact with Chinook Jargon, and they connect it directly with British Columbia.

Confirmed: Grand Ronde CW ‘colt’

Serendipitously, we can now confirm a “new” Jargon discovery that I noted just the other day.