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15 sous and the HBC

Way, way back when, in fur-trade times, “the River Quinze Sous” was a name for southwest Washington State’s Newaukum River, or according to some sources, the Chehalis River to which it’s a tributary.

A Yukon pidgin: Slavey Jargon

We’re forced to rely on a strange character for nearly all we know of an 1800s Far North pidgin (some think it may have been 2 pidgins) called “Slavey Jargon / Jargon Loucheux… Continue reading

Jump Off Joe! How’d that name happen?

Because I deal in Linguistic Archaeology™, my readers know Pacific NW place names periodically come up here (see “15 Sous and the HBC” and such), so how about the oddity that is “Jump… Continue reading