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1904 [1858+]: Prosch “Reminiscences of Washington Territory”, and the growth of Northern CW

Charles Prosch was a New Yorker who came to San Francisco on purpose, then more accidentally to Puget Sound in Washington Territory in February 1858.

Prosch’s ms. dictionary: a critical find

Washington territory pioneer Thomas Wickham Prosch (1850-1915 and yes, a son of early [1857] North Oregon settler, Steilacoom newspaper editor, and official territorial publisher, Charles Prosch) published a Chinook Jargon dictionary in 1888 that I… Continue reading

Pre-1860 anecdote for back-translation

A humorous, if somewhat inaccurate, story for you today.

1897: What John Miller Murphy’s Chinook Jargon meant

A column (or article) titled “The Interpretation” delves into the intended meaning of a Chinuk Wawa political comment.

Correspond in Chinook: how to say ‘sandwiches and clam chowder’

Pioneer Thomas Prosch of Seattle adds to a string of Chinuk Wawa-rich appearances in this space… 

Edwin Eells speech to fellow pioneers

On his election to the Vice-Presidency of the Washington Pioneers Association in 1905, oldtimer and former Indian agent Edwin Eells, who was introduced as about to speak in “both his native tongues — English… Continue reading

Tobacco: not just an Indian weed

Tobacco‘s but an Indian weed, said a moralistic Elizabethan song: But it sure was popular. Chinook Jargon had many words for it… I want to add one to the documentation. You’ll never guess it. Will… Continue reading

Lines to a klootchman

Here’s the masculine original “Lines to a Klootchman” to which the “answer song” poem was written.  It will help you make sense of that poem, where some real queer-looking Chinook Jargon happens. In… Continue reading