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1892, Seattle: The Pocahontas-John Smith tableau, in Jargon

This is far from the first time the name “Pocahontas” has made its appearance on my website…

1899: Red Men’s Day at the Spokane Fair

It was after “the closing of the frontier”, but Red Men’s Day at the Spokane Fair brought out the editor’s untranslated Chinuk Wawa for knowledgeable news readers’ benefit:

Baker is wide open!

A Chinuk Wawa item that we ought to be searching for in a Baker City, Oregon, museum…

Millicoma, or, fictional Chinuk Wawa noble savage humor

I’m mostly just transcribing the Chinuk Wawa sections from this folksy parody…

Lines to a klootchman

Here’s the masculine original “Lines to a Klootchman” to which the “answer song” poem was written.  It will help you make sense of that poem, where some real queer-looking Chinook Jargon happens. In… Continue reading