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A map of Fraser River gold-rush placenames is illuminating

In 2012, Andrew Nelson and Michael Kennedy published a good article in the highly readable journal, BC Studies, that they titled “Fraser River Gold Mines and Their Place Names”.  (BC Studies 172 (Winter 2011-2012):105-125.)  It comes… Continue reading

Tenino need not be ticklish…because it didn’t exist!

I’m trying to tease this out.

Jump Off Joe! How’d that name happen?

Because I deal in Linguistic Archaeology™, my readers know Pacific NW place names periodically come up here (see “15 Sous and the HBC” and such), so how about the oddity that is “Jump… Continue reading

Celilo Indian delegation, 1868

Here’s an early reservation-era document of a diplomatic visit by Warm Springs and/or Umatilla Indians to Oregon’s governor, showing how they parried each other with this language.

Three Mox places, or, I digress

In a comment to my post about Molalla-area pioneers, Sara Palmer raised a question about an Olympic Peninsula place name: We see “Mox Chehalis” here in the south Sound as a road and watercourse… Continue reading

Halo jawbone

At evening we walked up to Geary’s ranch, which he ” runs ” as a kind of hotel for the few travellers who pass this way. Conspicuous on the wall of the only… Continue reading