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Confirmed! “Picayune” was Chinuk Wawa

Claimed: A word that I found in the Lushootseed Salish dictionary, s-pikyud, most likely is a survival from Chinuk Wawa. The word represents English picayune, a coin technically worth 6.25 cents in the early United… Continue reading

Lushootseed “5 cents” from US dialect English “picayune”

Here’s where it pays to be that weird picayune breed that I belong to, the reader of dictionaries. In the 1994 dictionary of Lushootseed (Puget Sound Salish) by Dawn Bates, Thom Hess and… Continue reading

Units of measure & “perch”

On the Columbia River in fur-trade times, North American French units of measure were about as standardized as you got.

15 sous and the HBC

Way, way back when, in fur-trade times, “the River Quinze Sous” was a name for southwest Washington state’s Newaukum River, or according to some sources, the Chehalis River to which it’s a tributary.

Chinuk Wawa math?

One, two, three counting-related topics that have been hard puzzles in Chinuk Wawa:

Linguistic archaeology: half-dimes, Chinuk Wawa, and covert evidence

In Klallam Salish (north end of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, opposite Canada’s Vancouver Island), the word ɬčəx̣-mít means ‘nickel’.