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Etymologies or “Oops”: rounding up some consequences

If it turns out to be true (as I suggested the other day) that Chinuk Wawa nouns beginning with the sounds úp… preserve an old Chinookan-language prefix p- ‘Instrument; Tool’… Advertisements

Etymologies or “oops”?

[There is a sequel to this article, too.] Regarding Louis Labonte Jr.’s Chinuk Wawa word spelled eoptaths and meaning ‘knife, knives’, I have an idea I’d like to run past my readers and see whether… Continue reading

Suckling from Mother Kamloops Wawa

A constant source of sustenance for your curiosity:  The motherlode of Chinook Jargon words that nobody seems to have researched before.  Here’s a new one.  (Warning: offensive language.)

Kamloops Sawmill

Another great ad in Chinook Jargon: <THE KAMLOOPS SAWMILL, <All kinds of Dressed and Rough Lumber, Sash, Singles, Etc.>           T Kamlups so mil: The Kamloops Sawmill:      Iawa msaika… Continue reading

Kamloops Indian Church

A nice news piece, which may clarify history as locally understood from English-language records: [left column:]      Iaka ukuk Kamlups chi styuil haws[.]      This is Kamloops’s new church. Kopa Oktobir… Continue reading

Whiskey ravages Kamloops Indian Reserve

What follows is heartbreaking — in case you needed it proved to you that a pidgin language can communicate emotions — and you might feel like a cleansing, both before and after. But… Continue reading

Kamloops residential school: Chinook paper as a primary source

I often claim that the Chinook Jargon documents that I work with daily are as valuable historically as linguistically.  Indian residential schools holding the kind of importance that they do in the Canadian… Continue reading

Kamloops Chinuk Wawa: modern-times Chinook

In which we make the case that Chinook Jargon is well-equipped to discuss modern times. See how expressively the language is used here to talk about the latest in skyscrapers: Iakwa msaika nanich… Continue reading

A new online place to read more Kamloops Wawa

UBC’s “BC Historical Newspaper” collection online has added Kamloops Wawa. Very nice because they cover the later years, through 1918, that have been incredibly hard to find until now. There’s much more longhand English… Continue reading

The Sugarcane Bell: Kamloops Wawa iaka aw

The little brother of Kamloops Wawa: Shugirkin Tintin! [captions:] Shugir Kin Tintin     |     Iht nsaika tomtom.     |     Kamlups Wawa Sugarcane Bell     |  … Continue reading