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1891: The Oath, and Settler supremacy

We know Chinuk Wawa was used in court testimony all around the Pacific Northwest, but mysteries have persisted around this subject…

1795-1796: Bishop’s “Ruby” journals, and an amorphous NW Coast Jargon

I recently wrote a little about how Captain Charles Bishop’s ship “Ruby” may have been the first to linger in the Pacific Northwest, and thus may have inspired Chinuk Wawa.

1916: Chinook interpreter needed

Headlined “Didn’t Understand Oath”, today’s old news clipping adds to our abundant proof that Chinuk Wawa got used a whole lot in Pacific Northwest courts.

1895: “The Siwash”: evidence against pre-contact CW + new discoveries (part 1)

Here’s a book that starts with a surprise!

Pre-1924: Another CW “so help me God”

(Image credit: “The Siwash”, page 22) These keep turning up!

1866: Cormorant Street rows

“Hybrid denizens”–! Why, that’s got Chinuk Wawa written all over it–!

1895: Everette’s dedication/insult to Powell

To our collection of the curiosities of Chinook, we can add this inscription made at the start of a vocabulary sent in to the Smithsonian…

1888 BC CPE: Chinese superstition

Also in the department of “Other Pidgin Languages on the West Coast”…

Shoalwater Bay stories, part 3

Kind of delayed, but not to worry: here’s part 3 of our mini-series, a 1913 collection of “Stories and Sketches from Pacific County“, by Isaac H. Whealdon.

In trouble

Another frontier-era meditation on whether Chinuk Wawa renders you fit for “civilized” life…