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1901: Moose Hall invitation + unique Valdez, AK Jargon

Mockery of the northwesternmost Natives to speak Chinuk Wawa is still evidence of how they spoke it!

About 1900: BC Chinuk Wawa shaman’s song

Here’s a rare type of song in Chinuk Wawa…

X’unei’s wonderful Lingít dictionary

X‘unei Lance Twitchell edited another really fine dictionary of the Lingít language that you can freely access from your computer…

Didactic dialogues in dictionaries of Chinuk Wawa (Part 2: H Hale)

The second installment in our mini-series on instructional sentences of Jargon has an especially great importance…

1923: “Indian Bob” and city folks’ amnesia

Alex Code of PoCo Heritage has shared another good Chinook Jargon find with us…

Drawing a different, silent moral from “A Stingy Girl is Taken Away by Mountain People”

I’ve recently come back to studying a certain tale by the Grand Ronde elder, Victoria Howard…

1861: Humitshoot’s letter to the editor

Many thanks to Leon Lyell of Australia, who sent to my attention the following frontier-era letter in Chinuk Wawa.

1951 movie: The Painted Hills (Lassie’s Adventures in the Goldrush)

Did you know Lassie has a Chinuk Wawa connection?

1893-1897: Sweet “BetseyAnnSpikes” :) (Part 3 of 7) (a Grand Ronde connection?)

To read previous installments of Betseyannspikes’s correspondence, click here.

1909: a “Spokeshoot liar” & very fluent Jargon

From a current ghost town that was then one of British Columbia’s biggest settlements (where Franz Boas did a lot of his work with Tsimshians & Haidas)…