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How do you say ‘too much’?

How do you say ‘too much’ — or ‘too’ anything — in Chinook Jargon? Advertisements

Vancouver – False Creek: The true, inside story of the Kitsilano Reserve deal

The ever-popular “Chinook Jargon + shady politics” trope…

Pioneer Nig Saul

At points offensive, but well worth quoting in full, is this nationally circulated rare biographical remembrance of a very early African-American settler and Jargon speaker on the Lower Columbia.

H.M. Ball letter, 1871

You’ve seen Henry Maynard Ball recently on this website, as a judge absentmindedly misspeaking in Jargon to an Indigenous lady. Now you can read an entire letter he wrote to another Canadian woman… Continue reading

Correspond in Chinook: how to say ‘sandwiches and clam chowder’

Pioneer Thomas Prosch of Seattle adds to a string of Chinuk Wawa-rich appearances in this space… 

Police Court

From the Barkerville beat: a sample of another pidgin language…

“T’see Alki”: a lost Downey-Bartlett song?

Found: a Chinuk Wawa song we didn’t know of before.

Lo’s Legends Learned (by a remarkable woman)

In the 1880’s it was still quite rare for a young woman to strike out on her own to seek fortune and fame.

A misunderstanding: “Halo ticky, halo kloshe”

Do you agree?

Solomon’s Sorrow: The cross-examination of Jimmy Sampson, Merritt, BC, 1911

The local paper gave a ton of space to this courtroom story, thus giving us a rare peep into the use of Chinuk Wawa and pidgin English in that setting…