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1792: Crowdsourcing challenge — Galiano’s Hul’q’umi’num (and Nootka Jargon?) vocabulary

I’m taking the approach of asking my readers for language help with Spanish and Coast Salish today…

The extremely compelling “Nootka Jargon” word list from Jewitt 1815

In a very early (1815) edition of his memoir of Vancouver Island captivity (1803-1805), John Rodgers Jewitt added a nice one-page vocabulary of Nuuchahnulth…

1788: Meares in the Nootka zone, and the limitations of proto-Nootka Jargon

A hat tip to Dr. Peter Bakker for nudging me to more fully explore British maritime fur-trader John Meares’ journals…

1788: A scrap of Nootka Jargon?

This scrap of early information might help us figure out the etymology of Chinuk Wawa’s háyásh ‘big’.

Correcting the etymology of p’ú ‘to shoot’: it’s Nootka Jargon

A separate discovery in Captain George “Vancouver’s Discovery of Puget Sound“, edited by Edmond S. Meany (Portland, OR: Binfords & Mort, 1957)…

1792: The surprising actual distribution of Nootka Jargon (Meany 1957 edition of Vancouver 1801)

The single important fact to stress is, we’ve known almost nothing about the late-1700s “Nootka Jargon”!

1792 and 1794: More evidence against wide Nootka Jargon use (Vancouver 1802)

Today’s information source is “A narrative or journal of a voyage of discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and round the world: Performed in the years 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794 and 1795″ credited… Continue reading

What’s known & unknown about “Nootka Jargon”?

“Nootka Jargon” is the only widely recognized name for the Nuučaan’uł pidgin, in the linguistic and historical literature.

“Chako” may be a Nootka Jargon compound, & Chinookan

The unavoidable Chinuk Wawa word “chako” (cháku) is typically explained as having come to us originally from Nuuchahnulth (“NCN”, of Vancouver Island, Canada)…but it may have as many as three sources. 

Nootka Jargon verb+verb compounds => Chinuk Wawa?

Quite a number of basic, very old Chinuk Wawa words that we know came from “Nootka Jargon” nonetheless have remained hard to find exact etymologies for.