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Does the ABLE:FAST metaphor extend to CAN’T?

At least two eminent linguists say yes 😎

Chinuk Wawa ‘mole’ from a Salish metaphor?

Are pigs and moles similar, in a Salish point of view?

yútɬiɬ-lapúsh ‘cocksure’, a Salish metaphor

One of the uses of Chinuk Wawa’s yútɬiɬ ‘proud, arrogant; glad, happy’ is in a unique phrase from the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation community.

‘ABLE :: FAST’, an Indigenous metaphor

Sometimes you hear people say there’s a word in Chinook Jargon for ‘can’t’, but not for ‘can’…

Indigenous metaphor: ‘thing-Plural’ for ‘valued possessions’

Some linguistic work I was doing recently brought my attention back to the Lower Chehalis Salish word támtamaʔ ‘clothing; belongings; what you own’.

“They speak like birds”: An Indigenous metaphor, as reflected in CW

I’m guessing it means “they speak like idiots”?

Another Indigenous metaphor: ‘Afternoon’ in CW is from Chinookan

Chinuk Wawa’s southern dialect, as documented in the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation community, says láx̣w-sán (literally ~ ‘leaning-sun’) for ‘afternoon’.

Reinforcement of the Indigenous metaphor BIRD : FOOL?

Here’s quite an interesting parallel, I think.

Canoe “together”, an ancient Indigenous metaphor?

Could kəním ‘canoe’ be etymologically related to kʰánumákwst ‘together’?

‘Fathom’ from ‘rope’ — an Indigenous metaphor

The early CW measure word íɬana ‘fathom; yard’ has been shown in the superb Grand Ronde dictionary to come from Chinookan…