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Muck-a-muck potlatch menu

Subtext: the governor of post-frontier Washington State may have stood out for not not knowing Chinuk Wawa very well.

1858: Earliest “Chinook Wawa”?

hayu masi to henli (Henry Zenk) for sending this along…

1887: A Ramble in British Columbia

A book that we’ve only briefly touched on has a tiny bit more to tell about Chinuk Wawa in BC.

1892: Chinook Whist

Evidently not an April Fools joke!

Lillooet…A Woman Tenderfoot in Bear Country

From the same area and time as “The Story of a Stump“, where hunters found a Chinuk Pipa message in the woods beyond Lillooet…

Buckskin invitation

The Improved Order of Red Men strike again.

A Chinook “Wawa Wawa”

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Koho stick

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Chinook Jargon translator

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Linguistic diary

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