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1867: A memaloose illahee is lost to racist arson

Victoria, middle of the frontier era: an apparently racist arson attack destroys a sacred cultural site on what’s now called Halkett Island.

Memaloose Illahees & “dead houses”

[Edited to add a possible Salish source for this phrase — see at the end of this article.] Indigenous people and Settlers always knew that míməlust-íliʔi (míməlus-ílihi, etc.) is an old Chinuk Wawa phrase.

1910: Tyee Yum-te-bee memaloose

Hemene Kawan or Old Wolf (the Settler writer Lucullus V. McWhorter, I infer) used Chinuk Wawa in a good newspaper obituary that he wrote of a Yakama Nation chief.

The doggerel hits the fan! “Klose Nesika Illahee”

The doggerel hits the fan! Mysteries are sprayed liberally! From a one-page remembrance of an indigenous Warm Springs leader, “Stock Whitley” by Carson C. Masiker in Oregon Native Son and Historical Magazine, Vol. II no. 3-9… Continue reading

Another CW burial term rediscovered

I’ve written several articles on this site showing that there were widely known phrases in Chinuk Wawa relating to burial of the dead, not all of which have been documented in CW dictionaries.

1899: Washougal, an Indian Romance

The folklore behind an Indigenous place-name is Whitemansplained; some excellent Chinuk Wawa emerges from the layers of fiction and lavish illustrations.

1848: Allen, “Ten Years in Oregon: Travels and Adventures of Dr. E. White and Lady”

Here’s a wonderful book to read. Quite the palate cleanser, after slogging through Herbert Beaver’s letters, but that’s another story.

1870: Discoveries confirmed, discoveries added

A territorial travelogue tells us a tiny tidbit or two of the Jargon. Some is new news!

Easter Sunday

How Easter was explained in Chinuk Wawa, 1902…

Townsend’s narrative: Bird Chief and the Indian dogs

J.K. Townsend.  1839.  Narrative of a journey across the Rocky Mountains, to the Columbia River…  Philadelphia: Henry Perkins. At least in the Chinook Jargon world, this book by an influential naturalist is an… Continue reading