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Coyote, Mink, Louse, PUNS

When you listen to the traditional stories, you get to reach your own conclusions.  What do you think of mine? Here are some words for ‘louse’ in Salish languages of Chinook Jargon’s homeland,… Continue reading

Piu-piu ‘skunk’ from Canadian French? or Indigenous languages? or English?

Among the varied Chinuk Wawa expressions for a ‘skunk’,* George Gibbs 1863:39 informs us of < piu-piu >.

Spokane Romance in New Novel: A pair of discoveries!

A Spokane newspaper article indirectly leads us to two new discoveries about Chinuk Wawa!

New discovery: ‘horn spoon’ in Salish < Jargon < French < Indian

Father Louis-Napoléon St. Onge’s big 1892 manuscript dictionary of Chinuk Wawa from the lower Columbia River region has a word that has nagged at my brain for a long time…

Smallpox in Chinuk Wawa

There’s a word for that. Devoted readers may realize that this blog has so far only touched on one of the biggest issues in Pacific Northwest history: smallpox.

Hurry up Henry! And an urban legend in Chinuk Wawa

This is important: today we antedate “Henli” in Chinuk Wawa back to circa 1854 🙂

Nimíipuu Chief Joseph’s interview with cartoonist Homer Davenport, 1903

A wonderful article at The Davenport Project blog is fun reading, with the added value of bringing us rare quoted Chinuk Wawa from the Palouse region of southeast Washington and north Idaho. 


Wrapping things up:

Fleas, lice, & history

Rats! This may be a tangle of coincidences, I’m not sure…

Crowdsourcing challenge (Swinomish edition): The finale

My readers succeeded when I challenged them. Now savor the rewards we’ve reeled in.