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Songs of LBDB (Part 4: The Last Rose of Summer)

I’m reminding you, I try to give a charitable interpretation to people’s written Chinuk Wawa…

Not all Chinuk Wawa adverbs are created equal

  Proceeding from my post on Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett’s “Last Rose of Summer” translation…

1914: “Chinook-English Songs” (review)

The hometown newspaper gave a thumbs-up to Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett‘s collection of popular American songs translated into Chinuk Wawa.

1799: 17-year-old William Sturgis on the north PNW coast, and, his pidgin in the Mass. legislature!

This kid was going places!

1914: You savvy this?

It says something that the newspaper editor threw some untranslated Chinese Pidgin English together with untranslated Chinuk Wawa…

Lillooet…A Woman Tenderfoot in Bear Country

From the same area and time as “The Story of a Stump“, where hunters found a Chinuk Pipa message in the woods beyond Lillooet…

The “Columbian” line: the ultimate in SW Washington Chinuk Wawa

(Edited to place more emphasis on James G. Swan…) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft (1793-1864), preceding almost all of the published Chinuk Wawa documentation you know of, made one hell of a long footnote in his… Continue reading

About the Shores of Puget Sound, 1871

[Edited immediately after publishing 🙂 to note — I’ve just realized that word sak-talm ‘paddle’ in Scammon’s article is another good mystery. More soon! DDR] Here’s a leisurely cruise guided by a knowledgeable pilot.

Carmack of the Klondike

Western gold rushes were associated with Chinook Jargon. We see bits of CJ appearing in northern California shortly after the Forty-Niners arrived from the eastern states. Those men couldn’t have known a useful… Continue reading

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, parts 15-37

I’m challenging myself to get the full 64 pages put up online before the holidays, so you’ll have plenty of reading material to practice with. — Dave (Previous installment here, with English translation… Continue reading