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SO MANY Métis words in interior PNW languages (Part 2: Kamloops Chinuk Wawa)

A notable feature of interior British Columbia’s historically recorded Chinook Jargon is its use of words that differ from the mainstream of the language…

Mixed-breed ‘cat’?

More tricky treats for your October: (Image credit: The Daily Coyote) A single strange word in somebody’s old field notebook doesn’t have to have much significance. Sometimes a mistake is a mistake is… Continue reading

“Le pea-coat”, a Canadianism?

Once in a while I reencounter this rarish Chinook Jargon word that has always caused my brain a mild itch that I’ll get to momentarily: lapikwo “frock; short-coat” (as given in Father St Onge’s… Continue reading

Speak of the devil, er, slëïghër

A rockin’ coincidence!  Traipsing along the typically slick track of my work, I’ve discovered another word for “sleigh” in Chinuk Wawa. You might recall a week ago when I reported solving a longstanding mystery —… Continue reading

Sleighing(,) a mystery

While I was reading, for my dissertation, dozens of Chinuk Wawa letters that Indigenous people wrote, one word was both new and surprising to me. Lasli. “Sleigh”, it seemed to mean. But I’ve… Continue reading