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Why there are so few loan words in Ktunaxa (Kootenay/Kutenai)

A lack of foreign borrowed words in a language doesn’t necessarily tell you there were historically no foreigners present…

1888: Teddy Roosevelt spoke Chinuk Wawa! In the Kootenays!

For real? Yet another US bigwig involved with Jargon?!

1895, Kootenays: the most cultus bunch around

The Kootenays of southeast British Columbia (and Washington and Idaho) were one of the last strongholds of Chinuk Wawa.

More about Ktunaxa use of Chinuk Wawa

I’ve been having a look into Leonard Corwin Brant’s book…

pre-1889: Reminiscences of an old timer including Shoalwater Bay

This fella had experience of just about all of Washington Territory, including the early-creolized Chinuk Wawa-speaking Shoalwater Bay (page ix); he was sheriff of Pacific County around the same time CW expert James… Continue reading

“Quick willies” in the Okanagan

I was looking through “BC Then and Now: Okanagan / Kootenay / Cariboo / Volume One” by Roland Morgan (Vancouver, BC: Bodima, 1978).

1914: Hyiu Siwash Kopa Chahko Mika, a letter

True to form, post-frontier Settler Chinook Jargon that fits into the genre of CJ invitations and challenges.

PNW tribe names from Métis French

Here as usual I’ll refer to the mixed Cree-French language Michif for Métis French word forms.

1914 poem: “Reminiscences of an Old-Timer — Mica Kumtux”

Charming Kootenays doggerel!

1909: Skookum boots

Just putting this here.