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1920: Volleyball invitation in Tacoma

An overly enthusiastic translator a generation after the frontier era needs a fact-check…

1904: An invitation to another Uncle Joe Kuhn clambake

As much as Chinook invitations were a Pacific Northwest institution…

1926: Old boys ‘n’ Jargon doggerel/invitation in Rupert

Dusting off the Chinook to reminisce about a fundamental tragedy…

1915: “J. Sox” Brown accepts invitation w/the “sitkum dollar” joke!

Twenty-five years after the closing of the frontier era, this Chinook Jargon from Canadian-born pioneer Josiah Sawyer “J. Sox” Brown (1845-1932) had to be translated for newspaper readers…

1901: Moose Hall invitation + unique Valdez, AK Jargon

Mockery of the northwesternmost Natives to speak Chinuk Wawa is still evidence of how they spoke it!

1903: Old Settlers Send Chinook Invitations

We’ve seen this event covered before…

1909: A Jargon invitation…to Native people?

Straight out, this is some wacky (and in some ways wack) Chinuk Wawa that reader Alex Code sent my way…

1906: A Wapato invitation

An addition to the post-frontier “Chinook invitations” file:

Buckskin invitation

The Improved Order of Red Men strike again.

Potlatch Club ball invitation

The Daily Morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) Tuesday, March 27, 1888, column 3. I invite your interpretations of this text! Most of it’s quite clear.  Some is new to me. — Dave Potlatch Club Ball.… Continue reading