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1858: Earliest “Chinook Wawa”?

hayu masi to henli (Henry Zenk) for sending this along…

Found: A Jargon word for ‘flat-headed Indians’

wəx̣t hayu masi kʰapa chup henli (thanks much, again, to Henry Zenk) for noticing & sharing this exquisite bit of what I call linguistic archaeology…

Hurry up Henry! And an urban legend in Chinuk Wawa

This is important: today we antedate “Henli” in Chinuk Wawa back to circa 1854 🙂

Respect your elders

It’s my birthday. Instead of telling you my age, allow me to teach a valuable lesson:

lisítaluy: Yet another Jargon word discovered

lisítaluy: (Photo credit: LewisTalk) It’s glossed as “squash” in the Quinault Salish dictionary I have. Every time I saw the word, I thought, That looks so weirdly intricate in Quinault. To be native,… Continue reading

When your grandpa isn’t your chúp*

( * In honor of chup henli Zenk.) 🙂 When your grandfather isn’t your chúp, what do you call him? I’m not thinking here of the affectionate variants that you can find in… Continue reading