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More from the father of the Golden Potlatch

There’s more to say about the Golden Potlatch!

Edward “Golden Potlatch” Clayson part 2

I found out more of “Patriarch” Clayson’s background, and he wasn’t a southerner, he was British…

“Golden Potlatch” song in Chinuk Wawa

You know sparks will fly. A Jargon song, and lots of other Olympic Peninsula Chinook Jargon recollections, from an early settler who styled himself “The Patriarch”.

1911: Seattle to have a ripping skookum potlatch!

Perfetly typical for a bustling big city after frontier times, this Seattle newspaper needed to explain Chinuk Wawa words to its readers.

1914: City Puts on Its Gay Duds for Potlatch

It’s hard to find many Pride-related topics in old newspapers, so I’ve settled on this one.

Tilikums of Elttaes & the Seattle Potlatch boosters

The Tilikums of Elttaes were “a bunch of boosters“.  Do you know more about them?  Add it in a comment. Their early 20th-century organization was headed by a Hyas Tyee or Tyee Kopa Konaway. It… Continue reading

1886: Held for Passing Counterfeit Money


1912: A postcard in Chinuk Wawa (from a new archive)

Rein “Snass” Stamm, have you seen this?

1914 poem: “Reminiscences of an Old-Timer — Mica Kumtux”

Charming Kootenays doggerel!

Lillooet…A Woman Tenderfoot in Bear Country

From the same area and time as “The Story of a Stump“, where hunters found a Chinuk Pipa message in the woods beyond Lillooet…