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Circa 1853: Girls just want to have fun

Martha [Conner] Ellis Sapp, born circa 1844, came to the Pacific Northwest coast square in the middle of the frontier era, when you most definitely had to “do it yourself”. 

The Chahco-Hyler (!) group of Campfire Girls

By November 24, 1921, the Portland Oregonian was reporting on the activities of a Chahco-Hyler, or its non-typo’ed version, the Chahco Hyas Group of the Campfire Girls. In the context, I take the name to have… Continue reading

1840-1841: The US Ex Ex, the PNW, and the still-local Chinuk Wawa

We get quite the useful picture of how widespread the already-creolized Chinuk Wawa was in 1840-1841, when we absorb this great report:

Kamloops + other residential schools, as reported to Native people in Chinook (Part 2)

More early reports of residential schools in British Columbia…

1795-1796: Bishop’s “Ruby” journals, and an amorphous NW Coast Jargon

I recently wrote a little about how Captain Charles Bishop’s ship “Ruby” may have been the first to linger in the Pacific Northwest, and thus may have inspired Chinuk Wawa.

Serendipity: Why it’s so perfect to find “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in CW

I won’t repeat the Chinook version of the US children’s rhyme, and song, “Mary Had a Little Lamb“, today.

Real info about the infamous Seattle Illahee / Illeah / Mad House / Sawdust Pile

From more than one source, I’d like to present you with some Chinook Jargon-related dirt on the notorious Seattle house of prostitution, the “Illahee“, famed in song and story.

Kamloops + other residential schools, as reported to Native people in Chinook (Part 1)

Before they were called “residential schools”, they were “Indian industrial schools”…

1996: WJ Samarin, “Arctic Origin”, and ♀

Most of what scholars have published about Chinuk Wawa is worth a read if you’re a regular person, too.

Drawing a different, silent moral from “A Stingy Girl is Taken Away by Mountain People”

I’ve recently come back to studying a certain tale by the Grand Ronde elder, Victoria Howard…