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1860: Dr. Garrett, James Douglas, and Victoria Native school

Thanks again to researcher Jakob Svorkdal of the University of Victoria for sharing another neat document of Chinook Jargon use in frontier-era Victoria, BC.

A.C. Garrett’s lost Anglican manuscript in Chinook

Chinook Jargon lore abounds with tales of lost resources.  There’s the pre-shorthand attempt to write CJ in Cree/Dene-style syllable symbols: Some 500 ‘books’ of such syllabic productions were said to have existed in the late… Continue reading

The Mission Field and “Chinhook” (Part 3 of 6)

Victoria, British Columbia, was already a highly cosmopolitan town by 1862, making Chinuk Wawa an indispensable tool for everyone there.

1942: Robie Reid’s fine little CW article

This is a solid lesson on Chinuk Wawa history, and a great chance to learn more about both preachers’ & naughty songsters’ use of the language in BC.

Report of the Columbia Mission

Report of the Columbia Mission.  London: Rivingtons, Waterloo Place, 1860 [sic]. A record of the doings of Dr. George Hills (hardly mentioned by name in this book!), the first Anglican Bishop of Columbia, on the Northwest… Continue reading

Mayne 1862: Chinook’ll get you to Yale, French to Kamloops

Four Years in British Columbia and Vancouver Island: An Account of Their Forests, Rivers, Coasts, Gold Fields and Resources for Colonisation By Richard C. Mayne.  London: John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1862. More or less a… Continue reading