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From Copenhagen to Okanagan, part 3

[See part 1 for full info on this fascinating memoir of life in the Washington Okanagan country, 1880s-1930s.  It’s still in print, apparently, from Okanogan County Historical Society.  Click the picture to visit… Continue reading

From Copenhagen to Okanogan, part 2

{Have you subscribed to get notified of my blog posts via email?} See my first post about this book for bibliographic info.   In this installment, notice the vivid descriptions of sign language… Continue reading

LBDB: Prose, not lyrics (Part 3)

More investigation into just how well Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett, author of a book of hard-to-sing Chinook Jargon songs, spoke the language…

Fearing Death Soon, Red Defies Ostracism

Another case of the actual Chinuk Wawa words telling a different story from what the Whites claimed they meant! 

Typos & Indian reserves in Chinook Jargon

Today’s lesson: learn how to apologize for a mistake in your writing, and how to say “Indian reserve”.      Ukuk Disiyus nsaika wawa, wik This Decius we were [I (Father Le Jeune)… Continue reading

Pooty good!

Just the bullets: New Chinuk Wawa word discovered: “pooty”.*. (As usual this only means we’ve just now noticed it). *Rendered in a Huckleberry Finn spelling to help you guess what it means. Got… Continue reading

Similkameen, 1860 – – Indians don’t know Jargon

How far had Chinuk Wawa spread, two years after the gold rushes brought it to southern interior BC?

Opening the remaining half of the Colville Reservation to settlement, 1906

The context of the book I’m blogging about today is that in 1906 there was a plan to throw open the remaining, southern, half of the Colville Indian Reservation in north-central Washington state… Continue reading