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AUDIO: Cornelius Kelleher quotes Father Fouquet

Share this! LISTEN to Cornelius Kelleher/Kellegher: Cornelius Kelleher (a.k.a. Kellegher) was among the early students at St. Mary’s (Mission) Residential School on the lower Fraser River in BC.  He is said to have… Continue reading

Leon Fouquet OMI 1831-1912

Some useful information on this French missionary from Thomas Anthony Lascelles’ 1986 Simon Fraser University MA thesis, “Leon Fouquet and the Kootenay Indians, 1874-1887” (download it): Page 10 — In 1859, based in… Continue reading

“Colonial Despatches” (Part 2: the 1867 BC chiefs’ letter)

Here’s a new and improved post about a remarkable document that I’ve discussed previously.

“Colonial Despatches” (Part 1: Seymour to Cardwell, 1865)

The University of Victoria has created a quite a neat online research tool called “Colonial Despatches: The Colonial Despatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, 1846-1871″.

Talking Chinook in South Africa with Father Walsh

Father Jolivet passes the time pleasantly on a visit to Father Walsh in South Africa of all places, thanks to Chinook!

Aboriginal rights, clearly expressed in a pidgin, 151 and 1/2 years ago

Loud and clear.

So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 38

(Previous LONG installment here. Only 1-page installments [27 of them] from here on out!)      Kopa ukuk styuil haws, nsaika nanich iht ol man liplit     At this church, we met… Continue reading


It’s historically been hard to find audio recordings of Chinook Jargon/Chinuk Wawa. But they’re really useful when you do get to hear them! So I’ll keep an expanding list of links here to… Continue reading

Trophy hunter meets Klootchman, a story of initiative

The excellent little North Columbia Monthly newspaper has a column “North of the Border” by Eileen Delehanty Pearkes. Each month, she explores Sinixt (Lakes) Salish people’s relationship with their environment. For July 2013, Pearkes focuses… Continue reading