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“Fish house” part 3: it’s so definite

First I wrote about discovering a Heiltsuk word that probably showed how the Chinuk Wawa word — otherwise unknown to us — for “cannery” was fish house. Then I found backup for the… Continue reading

“Fish house” part 2: the confirmation

Supposedly I discovered how to say “cannery” in Jargon.  Confirmation has arrived. In my blog post several days ago, I thought I spied the Wawa words pish haws (“fish house”) hiding, in distorted form, in… Continue reading

“Fish house” in Heiltsuk tells us how they talked about canneries in Chinook

In the Practical Heiltsuk-English Dictionary by John Rath, there’s this word: bisaús for a cannery.  There have certainly been canneries in that area (Bella Bella, BC). But I have some acquaintance with the… Continue reading

Another new discovery: SMOKE HOUSE = aboriginal Indian houses

SMOKE HOUSE = aboriginal-style Northwest Coast plank houses. Credit for this one goes to Dale McCreery, my absolutely crackerjack University of Victoria linguistics colleague. We don’t have this phrase in any of the… Continue reading

Priest house

Chief David Johnson, Esk’et/Alkali Lake Reserve (northern Secwepemc territory), BC, said in an interview: We had an old log building back here before, that’s where we used to feed the priests…that’s what they… Continue reading

Of Chirouses and canneries

My main reason for chasing down today’s reading in Jargon is because canneries are on my mind…

Hul’qumi’num’s Jargon traces

A language that carries a serious inheritance from Chinuk Wawa is Hul’qumi’num Salish (a.k.a. Cowichan, Island Halkomelem, et al.) of southeast Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

1895: “The Siwash” (part 2 of 2)

Continuing to the end of this surprisingly interesting book…

El Comancho’s Washington, DC newspaper column on Chinook Jargon (6 of 6)

The “Boys and Girls Page” also has this puzzle that’s stumping me Today, a “Comancho Campfire Stories” installment that includes some possibly real Jargon —

Erskine and “Nes Persy”

I had read of a White kid who spent a goodly part of his childhood in the household of Nez Perce chief Joseph…