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Tilikums of Elttaes & the Seattle Potlatch boosters

The Tilikums of Elttaes were “a bunch of boosters“.  Do you know more about them?  Add it in a comment. Their early 20th-century organization was headed by a Hyas Tyee or Tyee Kopa Konaway. It… Continue reading

1914: Silhouettes ‘n’ Jargon

How would you say ‘silhouette’ in CJ?

1914: tyee kopa konaway: The Star-Smith Tilikum wedding

A 1914 publicity stunt by Seattle civic boosters was “the Star-Smith-Tilikum wedding”…

1914: Booster Club Passes the Buck

By 1914, it was becoming somewhat challenging to find a confident speaker of Chinuk Wawa on Puget Sound…

Secretary of the Navy gets an Indian name

The ubiquitous Tillikums of Elttaes again! I might have known!

“Golden Potlatch” song in Chinuk Wawa

You know sparks will fly. A Jargon song, and lots of other Olympic Peninsula Chinook Jargon recollections, from an early settler who styled himself “The Patriarch”.

Tilikums Ikt Potlatch

Strangest Places Dept.: I quote verbatim from San Francisco insurance-trade publication The Adjuster (volume 40, number 1; January 1910, page 14), adding [in brackets] my English translations. My comments follow afterward.     Tilikums Ikt… Continue reading