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Star Seattle Story Book — Laura Belle Downey Bartlett’s pioneer girlhood?

Announced in the Seattle Star newspaper on April 14, 1920, Mabel Cleland’s “Star Seattle Story Book” was a Chinook Jargon treat, free for the asking. It seems to have run as a serial for a… Continue reading

“T’see Alki”: a lost Downey-Bartlett song?

Found: a Chinuk Wawa song we didn’t know of before.

Noses, Salish metaphors, & French rarities

I’ve got two things on my nose, er, mind.

LBDB: Prose, not lyrics (Part 2)

We’ve been looking at pioneer Laura Belle Downey Bartlett’s writing in Chinook Jargon, in contrast to her well-known song lyrics.


There are a number of really useful resources for studying Chinook Jargon, a.k.a. Chinuk Wawa.  I will be annotating each entry with more information.–DDR These are available for free, online: David D. Robertson’s… Continue reading

1914: LBDB’s “Chinook-English Songs”, part 4 of 15 “Hy-iu Moo-lok Mitlite”

Unusually for Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett’s collected Chinook Jargon songs, this one’s an original, not a translation of a hit.

1914: LBDB’s “Chinook-English Songs”, part 3 of 15 “Ole Kull Stick Tamolitsh”

IMHO: this one is right up there with the greatest productions of Google Translate, or of any nonsense verse writer.

1945: Skqee Mus letter from Nooksack country

On page xv of Robert Emmett Hawley’s book “Skqee Mus, or Pioneer Days on the Nooksack” (Bellingham, WA, 1945) is the following letter to the reader.

1914: LBDB’s “Chinook-English Songs”, part 2 of 15 “Nika Wake Shunta Ole Sante”

Being a longtime partisan of Chinook Jargon, it pains me to confess that the Chinooking of today’s song made it much worse than the touching original!

1914: LBDB’s “Chinook-English Songs”, part 1 of 15 “Nau Hy-as Salt Chuck”

Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett was a pioneer girl on Puget Sound who went on to create a major portion of the known artistic material in Chinook Jargon.