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“T’see Alki”: a lost Downey-Bartlett song?

Found: a Chinuk Wawa song we didn’t know of before.

“A River out of Eden”

Chinuk Wawa steadily draws the imagination of novelists…

Linguistic archaeology: Treaty language (Point No Point), part 1

My sense of style tells me to start this very long series (it will be that) on reconstructing the Chinook Jargon used in Pacific Northwest official contexts with the amazingly named…Point No Point!

How to read most Chinuk Wawa dictionaries

Donʹt take them literally. Many of the concepts that they provide Jargon definitions for really werenʹt so conventionalized yet, a hundred years ago. So there could easily be more than one effective way… Continue reading

A note about the Chinook Jargon blog, o children of the forest

Actually several points about this Chinook Jargon blog. I tag the posts to help their content be searchable in Google.  But my tagging system will change.  I’ve learned that a person’s idea of… Continue reading

Tillicums, nanage

This oddball item would be an eyecatcher, in your local newspaper in 1898.

Chinook Jargon month names…did they come from somewhere?

In the Chinook Jargon Word of the Day group on Facebook, the inquiring mind of Colin Bruce put forth Father Le Jeune’s little-known 1924 list of Chinook Jargon month names…

“Lilly Dale” as sung by Max Irwin

With today’s Chinook Jargon song “Lilly Dale”, I’m getting around to writing what I thought was just another doggerel bit, but turns out to be tangled in a heck of a web of… Continue reading

Sluiskin’s warning! Kloshe nanich!

(Notice how I’m indulging in exclamations this week?!) Here, for you to practice reading connected Chinuk Wawa speech, is a much fuller account of the 1870 expedition to climb Mt. Rainier that was… Continue reading