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1915: “J. Sox” Brown accepts invitation w/the “sitkum dollar” joke!

Twenty-five years after the closing of the frontier era, this Chinook Jargon from Canadian-born pioneer Josiah Sawyer “J. Sox” Brown (1845-1932) had to be translated for newspaper readers…

1897: A Klondike version of the “sitkum dollar” joke, with a celebrity

The famous “Poet of the Sierras”, Joaquin Miller, spoke Chinook Jargon.

A different twist on an evergreen joke

The Chinook phrase < hyas klose > (‘very good’) was the focus of much Settler humor…

So many Métis words in interior PNW languages (Part 3: Interior northern Dene, beyond the Chinuk Wawa zone)

READER CHALLENGE: read on to see if you have ideas about some of the French source words!

1914: “The last of the Indian ‘potlatch’ “

From one of the great Canadian magazines, an impressively well reported account of the colonialist prohibition on potlatching.

1896: Didn’t sabey Chinook

Might be the earliest known occurrence of the perfect Pacific NW joke.

Just a rumour? Reinterpreting Leechman’s 1910s Chinuk Wawa “songs”

I recently read Stefan Dollinger’s entertaining book “Creating Canadian English: The Professor, the Mountaineer, and a National Variety of English“, and encountered in it an exciting claim…

LBDB: Prose, not lyrics (Part 3)

More investigation into just how well Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett, author of a book of hard-to-sing Chinook Jargon songs, spoke the language…

1887 Oregon CPE: Toy Chen’s opinion

More about another frontier-era pidgin…

Hop Picking in Sumner Valley, W.T.

Long letters to the editor used to provide a big chunk of the material in newspapers…