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1895: How to say trout in Chinook

Voici l’anglais avec son sang-froid habituel!

Lo in the calaboose; thanks a lot, Deputy Marshall Ass

Frontier-era Eastern Oregon?

sáliks under the influence of “sullen”?

sáliks under the influence of “sullen”? First off, “sullen” is one of the White stereotypes of Indigenous people’s behaviour…

“Canadian Camp Life”

Another largely autobiographical book by Frances Elizabeth Herring shows us some more BC Chinuk Wawa…

1856: Grand Ronde-style Chinuk Wawa makes friends in Australia

Oregon immigrant of 1849, steamboat captain Daniel O’Neill (1826-????), tells of his later adventures in Australia where Grand Ronde-style Chinook Jargon came in handy.

Grand Rounde: anecdotes of Quinaby

The rare find of an Oregon bank’s house magazine turns up Christmas-season gems from the Grand Rounde (i.e. Grand Ronde) Reservation community, 1883.

ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Boston man always wawa papey!

A colorful firsthand telling of a dangerous scene by a girl who lived through it, to recount it in the fullness of her age. “This was about 1854”, Mrs Parker says, and she provides… Continue reading

From Copenhagen to Okanogan, part 4

[Final installment.  See previous episodes for more info on this fascinating pioneer memoir…life in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State, 1880s-1930s.  Most of what I’ve excerpted in this blog happened in the last… Continue reading