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The non-cussin’ way to talk about 2-spirits

I recently wrote about the rare old Chinuk Wawa word < bur-dash >, concluding that it’s a Canadian cuss word for ‘homosexual’.

A cussin’ political opinion

In the “Let’s Look at More West Coast Pidgin Languages” Department:

“Precious Waters”, fictional Chinook Jargon, & cussin’

Sorry! But we have here a BC writer who (accurately) combines Chinuk Wawa with other pidgins and a few swear words in his Western novel.

Pigeon milk and pidgin under stress

A party of Settler customers in a Northern California Chinese restaurant decide it’s funny to horse around with the difference between their own English and their host’s…

“Canadian Camp Life”

Another largely autobiographical book by Frances Elizabeth Herring shows us some more BC Chinuk Wawa…

1904, vintage 1854: An excellent Olympia anniversary greeting

Lucky us, finding a Chinuk Wawa time capsule from 1904 of a time capsule from 1854!

James G. Swan’s diary (1859-63)

Shortly after living on Shoalwater Bay, Washington Territory, where he wrote his famous memoir / document of Chinook Jargon…

Is berdache a naughty Canadian word?

George Gibbs’s 1863 dictionary tells us that < bur-dash > is a Chinuk Wawa word….

1848: Allen, “Ten Years in Oregon: Travels and Adventures of Dr. E. White and Lady”

Here’s a wonderful book to read. Quite the palate cleanser, after slogging through Herbert Beaver’s letters, but that’s another story.

1885 Sacramento CPE: The glorious uncertainty

Two tie-ins to Chinuk Wawa here…