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1882: The cultus family

One of the earliest occurrences I’m aware of for this Chinuk Wawa loan into regional English.

Talking BS: p’áƛ̓aƛ̓ and “cultus”

In the 1994 Lushootseed Salish dictionary by Bates, Hess, & Hilbert, there’s a root p’áƛ’- (bound) ‘of no importance’

1911: Cultus Chikamen doggerel

A short post-frontier poem called “Cultus Chikamen” [‘Worthless Money’] by W.R. Gordon expresses an old-timer’s nostalgia for seemingly more prosperous days.

1895, Kootenays: the most cultus bunch around

The Kootenays of southeast British Columbia (and Washington and Idaho) were one of the last strongholds of Chinuk Wawa.

Cultus cod

You learn a lot when you think about who borrowed what…

Mr. Bunker will employ good men at $3 a day, but no cultus men at any price

A nice bit of Chinook creeping into local English in the Kootenays: The Nelson (BC) Miner of Saturday, July 19th, 1890 run an article at the top of the middle of three columns on page… Continue reading

Just a rumour? Reinterpreting Leechman’s 1910s Chinuk Wawa “songs”

I recently read Stefan Dollinger’s entertaining book “Creating Canadian English: The Professor, the Mountaineer, and a National Variety of English“, and encountered in it an exciting claim…

1893 (!) : Reminiscences of Nanaimo’s old days

Well, this article appears on what passed for the kids’ page, so the 1850s and 1860s would’ve seemed like long ago…

1907: Suggested carnival names

“Snuggestions” (!) for the name of a post-frontier Walla Walla carnival’s “main street” included several in Chinuk Wawa…

1909: a “Spokeshoot liar” & very fluent Jargon

From a current ghost town that was then one of British Columbia’s biggest settlements (where Franz Boas did a lot of his work with Tsimshians & Haidas)…