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‘Lewis River language’ is Cowlitz Métis Chinuk Wawa

The Tenino dialect of Upper Chehalis Salish, spoken between old Fort Nisqually and the current Oakville, Washington Chehalis reservation, tells us something really interesting…

The Cowlitz métis and Chinuk Wawa

One source for information on the métis descendants of Fort Vancouver is the “Summary under the Criteria and Evidence for Proposed Finding: Cowlitz Tribe of Indians” (Bureau of Indian Affairs document, February 12,… Continue reading

The enduring influence of early-creolized Chinuk Wawa: a Cowlitz Tribe 1915 meeting

Wonderful evidence of the lasting influence of early-creolized Chinuk Wawa in southwest Washington state…

Red River Métis semantics and Chinuk Wawa

Here are a number of items I note in Métis French…

áysh is related to ayáxwul ‘borrow/lend’…also to húyhuy ‘trade’?

There’s an obscure & obsolete Chinook Jargon word for ‘lend; borrow’ that came from “Chihalis” (Lower Chehalis Salish), said George Gibbs in 1863.

How many “HOWH” in Chinook Jargon?

In our Facebook “Chinook Jargon” group the other day, Greg Cleveland quoted his late grandfather as addressing him and other kids decades ago with “Howh klat’-a-wa.”

Discoveries in Edward Huggins’s “Reminiscences of Puget Sound”

How would you like to read the firsthand memories of someone who served at the HBC’s / Puget Sound Agricultural Co.’s farms in the frontier era?

1892: “A Monograph on the Puyallup Indians”, and Métis traces

“A Plea for the Puyallups”, the subtitle, gives away the purpose of this unusual publication…

John Tod, Red River Métis, + New Caledonia (BC)

(Image credit: “Career of a Scotch Boy“) Active contributor LeAnn Riding got me thinking about BC Métis people, when she posted on our old CHINOOK listserv (remember listservs?) — “A while ago I… Continue reading

4 words for ‘star’ in Chinuk Wawa

A language mostly documented by short lists of words can still surprise you!