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Edward “Golden Potlatch” Clayson part 2

I found out more of “Patriarch” Clayson’s background, and he wasn’t a southerner, he was British…

1911: “A pioneer judge’s memory” has poignant Jargon coda

A Pioneer Judge’s Memory includes a poignant coda in okay CJ:

1914: Booster Club Passes the Buck

By 1914, it was becoming somewhat challenging to find a confident speaker of Chinuk Wawa on Puget Sound…


In the small portion of this book that I’ve accessed so far, there’s a nice Chinuk Wawa anecdote.

More from the father of the Golden Potlatch

There’s more to say about the Golden Potlatch!

“Golden Potlatch” song in Chinuk Wawa

You know sparks will fly. A Jargon song, and lots of other Olympic Peninsula Chinook Jargon recollections, from an early settler who styled himself “The Patriarch”.