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Still more about Pickett & Jargon discoveries

First, you have Archie Binns.

The Potlatch at Sooke

Chinook Jargon is candidly used for local colour in this touristy 1907 eyewitness piece…

Seattle: Day in Court for Indians, 1899

From a pretty racist newspaper article, let’s excerpt just its cartoon and one paragraph.

Our Indian Kin Folks in the “Eiletz”

Today’s old news clipping is short and to the point.

The curse of Rev. W.C. “Chaltin”

Here’s the running tally:

“Skinny”, “Boston dance”, and Rev. “Chatten” again

“From Siletz and Yaquina” is the header on a mid-to-late frontier-era letter to the editor telling of a pleasure trip to the Oregon coast.

Attitude(s) about Jargon

We all have a colorful neighbor who always finds opportunities to inject their lovably offensive opinions into a conversation…

Hanging of the Chilicat Indian for the murder of T.J. Brown

I’m not going to reproduce this entire gruesome article, just the Chinuk Wawa-related sections.

Edward “Golden Potlatch” Clayson part 2

I found out more of “Patriarch” Clayson’s background, and he wasn’t a southerner, he was British…

“Eh” is Canadian Chinook Jargon

Something to brighten your flu season in the North land: