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French Journals & “bostonnais”

Previously in this space, I’ve suggested that Chinuk Wawa’s < boston > for ‘white person; American’ could have a French-language ancestor…

Bostonnais, Métis, and revising Chinuk Wawa history

(Part 1.) How old is the famous “Boston men” versus “King George men” distinction in Chinuk Wawa? Countless history books refer to the verbal difference as a fundamental one on the early Pacific Northwest… Continue reading

SO MANY Métis words in interior PNW languages (Part 1: Dakelh)

In this mini-series, I’m not going to list all the Chinuk Wawa, and later English, loans found in each language. I’ll do that in separate articles. The idea here is to demonstrate to… Continue reading

Loanwords into BC Interior Languages: Métis Traces

Continuing our exploration of Métis connections to the Pacific Northwest landscape, let’s feature several nouns from the interior of British Columbia.

Is ‘dance’ in Jargon ONLY from English?

Nothing earth-shaking here 🙂

“Piss plant”, a Canadianism for an introduced species

I amused my daughter by pointing out the absurdity of telling Google to “translate dandelion into French” 🙂

A good point about “Boston man”

My critical arguments about the origin of Chinook Jargon’s Boston man / bástən mán for ‘American/white people’ have gotten rehashed lately. The long-accepted story has been that this expression has to do with the early… Continue reading

Bostonais part 2

(Here is Bostonais part 1.) Yesterday I showed you my idea that Chinuk Wawa boston “American; white person” originates, not straightforwardly in English, but instead in Canadian (Métis) French bostonais. I don’t take as extreme a… Continue reading