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Boas 1892: Many discoveries in a short article (Part 3: ‘to call’)

Let’s get right into our 3rd installment of the mini-series on Franz Boas’s 1892 article in Science, “The Chinook Jargon“.

Boas 1892: Many discoveries in a short article (Part 2: ‘bone of fish’)

Not just any old bone!

Boas 1892: Many discoveries in a short article (Part 1: ‘to accompany’)

In a separate article on the word < howh >, I pointed out an obscure Chinuk Wawa word that you might write as x̣áwənsʔi, meaning ‘let us’ (‘let’s!’).

More about Boas 1916 [Anonymous 1791] “Vocabularies from the Northwest Coast of America”

I haven’t identified which British or USA sailing vessel it’s associated with, yet…

1894: Thanksgiving thoughts from Franz Boas

I think the following would be easy and delightful to translate into Chinuk Wawa; anybody care to try it, on their American Thanksgiving holiday?

“The Ethnography of Franz Boas”: How good was his Chinook?

Ronald Rohner compiled Franz Boas’s letters and diaries “written on the Northwest Coast from 1886 to 1911″…

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (Part 13, the finale)

We finish up with two last Chinook Jargon songs, plus a Tlingit mystery bonus.

Re-evaluating Boas’s “Chinook Songs” (Part 12)

As we near the home stretch, we find some serious revisions necessary…

Re-evaluating Boas’s “Chinook Songs” (Part 11)

We’re in the home stretch, folks! One of today’s songs needs a drastic re-interpretation…

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (Part 10)

There’s some very good translation by Franz Boas here…