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Eyak & Chinuk Wawa

Another in my surveys of Chinuk Wawa’s traces in Pacific Northwest tribal languages — this time in Alaska’s Eyak language — turns up the usual fascinating discoveries 🙂

Shoalwater Bay stories, Part 2

Today: Acelan’s Story. It’s quite possibly a true newly discovered wrinkle in an old story. 

Weird Jargon & shamans in Alaska

The above drawing by Heywood Walter Seton-Karr (1859-1938) as a member of the New York Times Alaska Expedition is the only substantial piece of Chinuk Wawa in his memoir…


It’s historically been hard to find audio recordings of Chinook Jargon/Chinuk Wawa. But they’re really useful when you do get to hear them! So I’ll keep an expanding list of links here to… Continue reading

Andy Brown sings a Chinook Jargon drinking song

At the Alaska Native Language Center online archives site, you can listen as “Andy Brown sings a Chinook Jargon drinking song.” In the 1975 Ahtna Noun Dictionary by Mildred Buck and James Kari, Andy… Continue reading