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Another (lovely) Chinook Lord’s Prayer

We’ve seen a few versions of The Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father”) in Chinuk Wawa; today we’ll look at a 1909 one.

Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (Part 11: The Lord’s Prayer)

Now this.

1907: A (mis-)remembered central Washington “Lord’s Prayer”?

A Lord’s Prayer that giveth, and taketh away!

Gill’s earliest Lord’s Prayer (1884)

Among the very earliest occurrences of the Chinuk Wawa Lord’s Prayer in print is this from an 1884 Oregon newspaper.

More about General Pickett & a Jargon “Lord’s Prayer”

“Pickett and His Men” is a popular biography by [Mrs.] Lasalle Corbell Pickett (2nd edition; Atlanta, GA: The Foote & Davies Company) of her husband, Confederate States of America General George — one… Continue reading

The Lord’s Prayer ends with “Kloshe klutchman”?

What looks like a gratuitous sexist insult, “wake klooch kloochman” in my previous post, naturally invites a prayerful response. Spoiler alert — this gets gratuitous too. The Lord’s Prayer in Chinook Nisika Papa kla… Continue reading

1930 [1869+]: “Seattle Memories”

“Seattle Memories” is the autobiography of girl pioneer Edith Sanderson Redfield (1862-1933).

1941: Chester Anders Fee, “Oregon’s Historical Esperanto”

Chester Anders Fee (1893-1951) of Pendleton, Oregon, wrote an article titled “Oregon’s Historical Esperanto — the Chinook Jargon” Oregon Historical Quarterly 42(2):176-185, June 1941.

1882: Methods in an Indian School

A late-frontier Washington coast Indian reservation schoolteacher writes to tell of his experiences…

1907 puzzle: Who was M.B. Scott of Pendleton?

A role model for all of us in the time of Covid Crisis…