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And more Civil War Chinook Jargon by Phil Sheridan

A postscript to my previous article on General Phil Sheridan, one of the Civil War’s Chinuk Wawa “code talkers”. A smoking gun, found in the book “A Catalogue of the Collection of Autographs… Continue reading

Civil War Chinook Jargon letter mystery

The superb “Civil War Day by Day” blog (“from the Louis Round Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill”) put up a post about 4 years ago that contained a… Continue reading

1864 + 1883: Chinuk Wawa cussin’ in a California newspaper or two

Truly rough “frontier” humor wasn’t rare in print at one time…

1910: A Spokane Wobbly bomb threat in Chinook?

Chinuk Wawa was sometimes suspected of being an enemy code during the US Civil War…

1862: Letter to Abe Lincoln involves Chinuk Wawa

Ripe for back-translation into Jargon, we have some material that reached President Abraham Lincoln’s eyes straight from the Pacific Northwest.

Another version of the US Grant ‘n’ Stanton ‘n’ Nesmith ‘n’ Ingalls anecdote

A different Chinook telegram!

1906: For presentation to Teddy Roosevelt

In a previous post, I reported that US President Teddy Roosevelt spoke Chinook.

1867: Reconstruction-era political comment, in 2 pidgins

Not translated when published, and I doubt I have to translate it for you…

1853: George B. McClellan’s PNW railroad survey diary

Previously, on…

1916: Chinook as a wartime code language…again

I’ve previously shown that the Jargon was a useful code in more than one wartime setting, including for both blue- and greycoats in the US Civil War, and for Canuck troops in WW1…