In case you missed it: a fine magazine article

delbert mcbride

[Northwest Coast], 1963, by Delbert McBride (image credit: Washington State Historical Society)

In “Columbia” magazine recently (Winter 2017-18 issue), Robert Foxcurran published a very fine article titled “Chinuk Wawa“.

Filled with well-chosen illustrations of people, places, and words, this 7-page piece is recommended reading on how Chinook Jargon became a “community heritage language”, as the subtitle puts it.

There’s also a pretty great piece on the life of the important Indigenous artist Delbert J. McBride, who created the excellent “Potlatch Print” on the cover of the magazine. Instead of showing you that, I’m showing you a samplel of another of his pieces in today’s post.

“Columbia” magazine is the quarterly publication of the Washington State Historical Society, and they do a mighty nice job.

Mr. Foxcurran has published other solid stuff about the French-speaking heritage of the Pacific Northwest, if you’re one of my readers who study that subject with interest. Another article by him is “Les Canadiens: Writing Washington’s French-speaking Metis population back into history“. He co-wrote the book “Song Upon the Rivers: The Buried History of the French-Speaking Canadiens and Métis from the Great Lakes and the Mississippi across to the Pacific“.

What do you think?