“☞ y” man

(I meant to post this on Feb. 14th of course. Oops!) The Native “Chinook Writers” of British Columbia wrote as they spoke, charmingly. I now take you to Oregon for a seasonally relevant example of heartfeltness.

This one’s written in purposely folksy American English, spelled in “eye dialect” to exaggerate the effect. Not only does it contain some Chinuk Wawa words, it also ends with a contemporary joke on noted pioneer and Jargon speaker Jesse Applegate.

From the Dallas (OR) Polk County Signal of February 2, 1869, page 5, column 3, unfiltered and untranslated, for your amusement:



We print below the “ material portions” of an interesting Valentine re­ceived by a fellow townsman last week :

Dalis, 4teanth uv febiwary.
dear bee ef Nickuls. i am a stringer A-mong u & like your comun ty fine.

In castin my optikel funkshens about i dont think tha hev lit on a moar on­erabel fiz than yoarn–U R so Frank.

Now ide like tu inquier about sertin biznes. * * Now this is jest it. ime a grate mine tu print a noosepaper in ure midste. i think itl pa doant u? 1ly, ime a lucksurious riter, & 2ly ile hev hole sqodrun ov lokle editers & ri ten editers & drinken editers & fiten editors & Sow on     Now thare is tom Smith, hede maik a skukom lokle. its ustonishen whot that boy thinks he noze. heze got moar impudens thun a Musketer and that’s what a good lokle neads. the manest reeson the Poke cownty Signell don’t ecksel enny moar iz bkoz the editer haint got them kwolificashuns suffishently    Then thares jon O shelltown, hede b good in mi kore. hiz xperiens doun in kaliforny teechen uv them skules fits him pekoolyer ; hee cood put in awl them dashers, & prolongs, & tenass prolongs. Jon oze a purty good lawyour; he got rankenzes lisens like faulin oph a log. Then ef i neaded a speeker editor lde git jo Lea. the jems of nollej that man noze iz startle ling. G W G how,d be a good staf editer. C How lukky it iz that he forgot hiz tubacker last faul. U c he can now fernish the offis in wood & pa fur awl law soots &c4th. i think jorjl h purty y. Ile seleck bill parmer onto mi kore ; he ken run the poetikel & meddykel buroze. So wele b safte for medersen ; we r awl lie abul tu git sick whilest baskum staze in toun.

Ile git jon brown for mi fiten editer; its not mi Providens 2 tock on hiz kapasity in this line. The karier uv hiz not very remoat ansester uv saim naim whitch kum 2 a kloze in verginny ort
2 b konklusiv in hiz b½.

For mi drinken editer Ile git appelgait. i du bleve that man’s holler into hiz toze. Ive seed him wauken the streets as strate az a bean poal when he wuz so ful that the whiskey sloshed out at boath years.

Yores troolev,