Two things I learned today

Thing #1: the characters I knew as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, from the Bible story of a crime against humanity (3 young men thrown into a raging furnace), are also known as Ananias, Azarias and Misael.  Hm.


Thing #2: there is a Chinook Jargon word for “furnace”.  It’s paia haws.  (Literally “fire house”, you see.)  It’s never been noticed in previous Chinuk Wawa documentation.

Here is the stretch of the serialized Bishop Durieu’s Bible History where I discovered this phrase:

Taii wawa:
The king [Nebuchadnezzar] said: 

Pus wik msaika ashnu kopa naika gol siahus, alki
If you folks don’t kneel to my gold image, 

naika mash msaika kopa naika paia haws.” <X> Tanas man
I will throw you into my furnace.  <X>  The young men 

wawa: “Wik nsaika tiki mash ST iaka wawa. Tlus
responded:  “We don’t want to abandon God’s word.  Go ahead and 

maika mash nsaika kopa maika paia haws. Pus ST iaka
throw us into your furnace.  If God 

tomtom, alki iaka tlus nanich nsaika pi wik nsaika
feels like it, he will take care of us and we won’t 

mimlus kopa paia.”
die in the fire.”  

<318.> Taii chako drit saliks. Iaka wawa kopa
#318.  The chief got really mad.  He said to 

ayu iaka wach man: “Mamuk drit pil kopa paia naika paia
several of his guards: “Heat my fur-

haws, pi msaika mamuk k’aw ukuk tlun tanas man, pi
nace red hot, and then you will tie up these three young men, and 

msaika mash klaska kopa paia. Wach man mamuk kakwa.
you will throw them into the fire.”  The guards did so.  

(Kamloops Wawa #134, November 1895, page 166)


As some of you realize, stup “stove” is a very old word in the Jargon; you’ll find it in quite a number of dictionaries.  It was used in Kamloops Chinuk Wawa as well.  It’s quite neat to find a way now to differentiate between the smaller “stove” and the larger “furnace”!