The Sugarcane Bell: Kamloops Wawa iaka aw

The little brother of Kamloops Wawa: Shugirkin Tintin!

Sugarcane Bell (2)


Shugir Kin Tintin     |     Iht nsaika tomtom.     |     Kamlups Wawa
Sugarcane Bell     |     Our hearts are one.     |     Kamloops Wawa

I’ll blog more about him — he’s a mini newspaper within K.W. — soon enough.

Sugarcane Bell (3)

For now, enjoy the graphics & send me one of the T-shirts you make with them 🙂

(Is it only a coincidence that the word Shugir looks like one of the plows the missionaries were teaching people to use at the Sugarcane mission, Williams Lake, BC?)