“Across the Wide Missouri” needs a script

Thanks to the powers that be, I have a copy of “Across the Wide Missouri“, the famous Hollywood movie with lots of Chinuk Wawa dialogue and a weirdly ingratiating Clark Gable.

across the wide missouri

It would be a fun language teaching tool to share clips of it with people, showing the Jargon in writing.

across the wide missouri french

I’ve just started fooling with Windows Movie Maker, which can snip clips.

across the wide missouri italian

But I was hoping the script would be findable somewhere, to make the rest of the job easier.

across the wide missouri portuguese

Scant joy when I search around the internet. There’s this site with a transcript, but it may have been done by Turkish speakers using voice-recognition software! :-/ And it only contains the English dialogue, none of the Chinook Jargon or French. So, y’know.

across the wide missouri spanish

Anyone know where else to look for “official” versions of old Hollywood scripts?

across the wide missouri swedish