So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 48

“Celestin [Chillihitzia] didn’t come with us from our rock shelter; he was afraid of getting wet. He wound up getting lost…”


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     Mitlait iliktrik cikcik pus klatwa sahali ukuk mawntin;
    There was an electric railway to go up that mountain;

iawa nsaika nanish ilihi saia, drit saia. Wik lili nsaika
from there we could see land far off, really far.  We didn’t 

mitlait iawa pi nsaika chako kikuli, nsaika olo tomtom kilapai
stay there long before we came down; we were eager to get back 

nanich ukuk styuil haws, pi ukuk Groto; nsaika wiht
to see the church and the Grotto; again we 

makmak kopa ukuk chok; nsaika wiht klatwa kopa ukuk kol
drank some of the water; we once more went into that cold 

chok; kimta nsaika klatwa kopa ukuk mawntin wik saia styuil
water; then we went up the mountain near the 

haws, iawa, kopa klahani, kopa mawntin, mitlait lakrwa oihat
church; there outdoors, on the mountain, was a Way of the Cross; 

nsaika nanish ilip stishon, kah Pos Pilat mamuk korthaws ShK pus
we saw the first station, where Pontius Pilate sentences Jesus to 

iaka mimlus kopa lakrwa.
die on the cross.  

     Wik lili nsaika kuli iawa pi chako snas, ayu snas, pi
    We hadn’t been walking around there when it started to rain, lots of rain, so 

nsaika klatwa kikuli kopa aias ston wik saia kopa oihat;
we went down to a big rock near the path; 

pi ukuk snas ilo chako kopit, kakwa naika klatwa, kanamokst Lui
and the rain wasn’t ending, so we went with Louis 

kopa styuil haws laport, kah ayu wiht tilikom mitlait; pi
to the church door, where many more people were; but 

Silista ilo chako, iaka kwash tlap wit; lili ilo iaka shako
Celestin [Chillihitzia] didn’t come, he was afraid of getting wet; he was gone for a long time 

pi nsaika kilapai kopa Sin Shosif makmak haws. Iht kluchmin kopa
so we went back to St Joseph’s inn.  A woman at 

ukuk haws iskom mokst ombrila, pi klatwa nanich kah Silista
that house got two umbrellas and went to see where Celestin 

mitlait pi tanas lili iaka kilapai, ilo tlap iaka; iaka lost.
was, but in a while she came back without finding him; he was lost.  

Pi wik nsaika kwash; tanas lili pi iaka chako, wik kata pus
But we weren’t worried; in a short while he came, there was no way that 

iaka lost kopa Lurd ilihi.
he could be lost around Lourdes.

     Kanawi son, kopit sitkom son, klaska lolo klahani
    Every day in the afternoon, the eucharist is carried out 

kopa styuil haws, pi klaska lolo klaska sik tilikom wik saia
of the church, and people bring their sick relatives near 

oihat kah  chako, klaska skukum styuil kopa ShK, pi
the route where the eucharist is coming; they pray fervently to Jesus, and 

ayu ukuk sik tilikom shako tlus.
many of the sick people get well.  

     Klunas mitlait <15000> tilikom kopa Lurd pus nsaika
    There were about 15,000 people at Lourdes when we 

mitlait: pulakli shako <3000>; wiht tanas son <3000>
were there; at night there came 3,000; again in the morning 3,000; 

wiht kimta <3000>, pi wiht <3000>, pi wiht <3000>.
later still 3,000, and another 3,000 and another 3,000.  

Kwanisim kakwa, kanawi son chako ayu tawsan tilikom kopa Lurd
This is how it always is, every day many thousands of people come to Lourdes; 

kanawi kah ilihi klaska chako. Nawitka, ilip ayu kopa
they come from countries all over.  Indeed, more than 

<1200000> tilikom chako kopa Lurd ukuk wam ilihi.
1,200,000 people came to Lourdes this summer.  

     Pulakli, kanawi ukuk styuil haws chako lait kopa klahani […]
    At night, all of the churches get lit up on the outside […]