So 2 chiefs & priest go to Europe, part 46

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<45000> iaka tilikom; pi <Vannes, 23000>; pi ukuk
…it has 45,000 people; and Vannes, [with] 23,000; and this 

Nant tawn, drit aias tawn, <133000> tilikom. Iawa nsaika
Nantes town is a real city, 133,000 people.  There we 

klatwa kopa iht sistirs haws kah nsaika tlap Pir Silista Oshii,
went to a convent where we found Pere Celestin Augier

iaka nsaika ilip taii iaka brothir, nsaika ayu nanich iaka kopa
who is our [the priests’] leader’s brother; we had been visiting him at 

Liish. Nsaika makmak kanamokst iaka sitkom son. Pi nsaika tiki
Liege.  We ate lunch with him.  Then we had 

aiak klatwa. Mokst tintin kopit sitkom son, nsaika kilapai kopa
to rush off.  At two in the afternoon, we returned to 

stishon, pi nsaika mist trin; kakwa nsaika kilapai kopa ukuk
the station, but we missed the train; so we went back to the 

sistirs haws kah nsaika mitlait, pi kro pulakli. <x> Nain tintin pi
convent where we were staying, until night.  At nine-

sitkom alta nsaika iskom trin, pi nsaika kuli kanawi ukuk
thirty, then, we got a train, and we traveled all that 

pulakli. Kakwa ilo nsaika nanich Larosh tawn <13000>, pi
night.  So we couldn’t see La Roche[-sur-Yon] town (13,000 [people]), or 

Laroshil <32000>, pi Roshfor <36000> pi Sīnt <18000>.
La Rochelle (32,000), or Rochefort (36,000) or Saintes (18,000). 

Tanas son nsaika tlap kopa Bordo, <256000> tilikom
In the morning we got to Bordeaux (256,000 people), 

drit aias tawn.
a really big town.  

     <Bordeaux. Arcachon. Lourdes.>

     <25 Sept.> Pi wik nsaika stop kopa ukuk aias tawn.
    25 Sept.  But we didn’t stop at this city.  

Nsaika klatwa mokst tintin wiht kopa trin, pi kro kopa Arkashon.
We went two hours longer by train, all the way to Arcachon.  

Tanas tawn drit kopa solt chok, kah nsaika tlap iht Tlus Mari
It’s a small town right on the sea, where we found a 

haha styuil haws. Iawa naika lamis tanas son.
shrine to St Mary.  There I said mass in the morning.  

Kopit sitkom son nsaika wiht klatwa kopa trin pi pulakli
In the afternoon we again went by train, and at night, 

tatilam tintin nsaika kro kopa Lurd. Kopa oihat nsaika kanamokst
at ten o’clock, we arrived at Lourdes.  On the way [there] we were with 

iht skukum liplit, pi iht man pi iht kluchmin chi marii; pi drit
a wonderful priest, and a man and a woman just married; and 

tlus tilikom ukuk chi marii, drit skukum styuil, ilo shim kopa klaksta.
these newlyweds were really good people, really praying hard, no shame about them.  

Klaska stop kopa Lurd kanamokst nsaika; wik nsaika komtaks ikta, pi
They stopped at Lourdes with us; we hadn’t realized it but 

klaska chako slip kopa kah haws nsaika klatwa slip.
they were coming to stay at the house where we were headed to stay at.  

Pus wik saia Lurd, nsaika nanich kakwa paia sahali kopa
When we were just outside of Lourdes, we saw what looked like fire on top of 

iht mawntin; lakrwa ukuk, iaka iliktrik lait kanawi.
a mountain; it was a cross, all lit up with electric lights.  



     <26 Sept.> Nsaika slip kopa iht makmak haws iaka nim
    26 Sept.  We stayed at an inn called 

Sin Shosif iaka makmak haws. <x> Tanas son kwinam tintin,
St Joseph’s inn.  At five o’clock in the morning, […]